Scriptures in Context


However, if we all receive the same understanding of the scriptures from the Holy Spirit we would be reading the Bible perfectly and hearing the correct interpretation of the scriptures. Unfortunately man is not perfect and this has not occurred. However, foreseeing this problem God provided us with rules of interpretations for the scriptures as a check and balance system.

We all know that since Jesus (The Word) is perfect then everything in the scriptures is perfect and has a purpose, this includes the meaning of all names, numbers and even location. It is important that all scriptures be read in context. The Holy Spirit who actually oversaw the writing of the scriptures knew exactly what he was doing. We also see this rule in nature. All the universe as well as animals and plants were created perfectly and in good order. G.O.D. (Good and orderly direction!).

IMPORTANT never take a scripture out of context; otherwise you are left with only the con (untruth). When this is done it is usually for someone who is manipulating the scriptures to suit their purpose, not Gods and what is left is nonsense. The point is to be like little children and just believe what the scriptures say. God is God and we are not, I believe I will trust him.

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