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September 20, 2017

Read the Bible Perfectly Rule 1: Believe What It Says

Rule One: Believe the Bible, and what it says. Jesus is the Word and He is Perfect. He made all things, including the bible. This includes all Spiritual rules and natural rules, such as gravity. We know now there are certain modifications and exceptions to the rule or law of gravity: however the first position is to believe in the rule: otherwise such person is in for a fall. This same principal also applies to spiritual rules which may have modifications and exceptions as contained in other parts of the bible. For instance we know the words of Jesus are Spirit.

In order for man to believe the Bible more than his own mind or any others source, he must have humility and come as a little child. He must be ready to jump in the open arms of Daddy God and believe His Father will catch him. He must trust and believe scripture more than his own mind or any other source. This includes denominational creeds, commentators, or writings of any type. This is the first, and I believe the most important rule in the proper interpretation of the bible. Scripture tells us Gods' word is more important to Him than His name.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding then continue searching the scriptures with an open mind and God will provide the answers in time. In my experience you are in for a wonderful awakening. Note, is this not the very thing Eve and Adam did? They did not believe what God said. Do not make the same mistake. Let us go forward. – Pastor Bryan

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