Answer from Read the Bible Perfectly, Lesson 1

Primarily, in my opinion, because of the wrong interpretations of the meaning of the scriptures or erroneous translations. The Bible was given to us by God through much Supernatural effort. All of these people really lived lives thousands of years ago to give and preserve the words and events for all mankind. God is perfect. What He wrote or inspired is perfect. Jesus is the Word, John 1. (John 1 Amp) God did not leave us alone in this important task of interpreting the Bible. The Bible itself gives us many rules of interpretation. We all need to learn and follow these rules.

Solution: The Word itself provides rules for proper interpretation, this is not a matter that God has left to the hands of mere man. These rules of interpretation are really principles announced in the Word and the following of same will give us the correct answer. They are not rules of law which failure of which to follow results in a penalty. We ask the spirit who wrote the principles or rules to help us in understanding and following these as the mind of Christ and to follow these principles from our heart. By the promptings of the Holy Spirit this will be one of the main emphasis of this Ministry, until directed otherwise. These lessons will be provided in writing, or on YouTube for everyone to read and study. Each faction usually has its own “sacred cows” along with their own beliefs and values. Remember the path to ignorance is contempt prior to investigation. Let us endeavor to kill all the sacred cows and walk united as members of the body of Christ, what a day that will be! More of a Glorious Church without spot or wrinkle.

One central emphasis of this ministry will be to answer these questions and to teach us how to read the Bible more perfectly so that all believers will be together as the Body of Christ. So am I the perfect person to teach these ambitious lessons? Absolutely not! I am just a person He told me to start on this path.

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