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  About Us

Pastors Bryan & Barbara Scott

Bryan and Barbara are both ministers and bond servants of Jesus Christ, and have been for many years. Bryan holds a B.A.; L.L.B. and J.D. from Baylor University. Bryan was licensed to practice law in the state of Texas and the Southern District of Texas Federal court system. He actively practiced law for over 50 years where he handled a multitude of cases involving different subject matters and it was necessary to learn independently a great deal of information about these various subject matters, his main emphasis was in civil litigation. This skill has carried over into studying and understanding Holy Scriptures since all information comes directly from the word itself and not from any commentator or opinion of man; of course none of this would be possible without the continued help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Bryan’s first formal college course in the scripture was in January 1956 and then later he earned a minor in Bible Studies at Baylor University as well as two years of study in Koine Greek. However, this study was interrupted from the influences of alcohol until January of 1986 when God delivered him from the addiction of alcohol and again Bryan became serious about reading and studying God’s word. Since that time and until the present time he has become addicted to God’s word and spirit. This website ensued.

Barbara is also a bond servant of Jesus Christ. She has not only studied God’s word for many years on her own but has studied alongside Bryan as well. She has received at different times many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bryan and Barbara have been happily married for over 20 years. In her ministry Barbara has on many diverse occasions reflected the love of Jesus Christ to much of her world.

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