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The Chicken Little Syndrome.


The Really Good News Ministry is carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe through Grace alone and not by works or law. The new primary focus of this ministry is to read the Bible perfectly using the rules of interpretation provided by the Holy Scriptures. It is Free, only Believe.
This is a continuation of The Really Good News ministry emphasizing the Glory of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His wonderful Gospel.

First, If you are not absolutely certain of where you would go (up or down) if you died today, please click on this link 

Prayer of Salvation and follow the included instructions as given to us from the Bible.

I believe you said this prayer from your heart, (or the mind of your Spirit) and that you really meant it. This means you did not just say the words from your physical mind (or the flesh) and it means that you are now a Believer that Jesus is Lord of your life. I also recommend you go through baptism as prescribed in Scripture. You have now taken part of the greatest miracle performed by our Lord. In other words, you have been saved by Grace (unmerited favor) and not by works. The Really Good News is that we do not have to live in fear or condemnation, and God will not change His mind and let us go to hell. This means as Believers we can live without fear or condemnation and spend our lives growing from glory to glory.

Wow! Want to learn more about what just happened to you?

I invite you to read, The Truth About the Gospel


“Every Scripture is God-breathed (given by His inspiration) and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience and Holy Living, in conformity to God’s will in thought, purpose and action). So that the man of God may be complete and proficient, well fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work.”    (II Tim 16-17 amp)

If the above Scripture is True (and it is) then what is the answer to the questions as follows:

  • Why are Believers and churches so divided in their beliefs and doctrines?

  • Why do many church meetings have no life?

  • Why have many churches put the Holy Spirit in the back room, if not totally disregarding Him?

  • Why are so many Believers not receiving many of the promises of God  given to them in Scripture?

These and many other questions remain outstanding.

Please click here for Answer.

It is time for all believers to come together as one mind and one accord, using the simple rules of interpretation provided by the Scriptures. Be sure to watch part 2 following this one to hear the end of this lesson. 

Each lesson will be given thru youtube presentations on different rules of interpretation and Bible truths. Please follow each link and then check out the blog for comments on these presentations. Please leave your comments or questions as well!


Please join me in this walk and give me your feedback on the lessons, pro or con. I only ask that in doing so you use only scripture which is in context. I can assure this entire blog is from Scripture. Hang in there with me and I will show you not only these scriptures, but even more to make clear these statements and others are correct under God’s Word. I pray there are a number of bible students who also are aware of other such rules, which they will share with us on this website for the education of us all and then we can be even closer to this goal.

Thank you so much and let us all end up in a more unified and Godly place as a part of the Body of Jesus.

Pastor Bryan W. Scott